Big House Events - Stage Hire & Staging

With one of the largest stage hire stocks in Edinburgh, we can meet a wide range of staging needs.

We hold one of the largest Prolyte TopLine StageDex hire stocks in Edinburgh, coupled with our experience in stage design and scenic construction, we offer a solid solution to a variety of staging needs.

Lightweight, strong and tool-less

The Prolyte Stage Dex Range is a user-friendly, modular, system and is one of the strongest and most versatile systems on the market for building temporary stages. The aluminium stage decks are efficient and lightweight with a high loading capacity, which makes them equal to that of older, heavier, steel deck systems. The Dex are set around an aluminium frame made from a specially extruded profile with a plywood top board which is glued to this frame to reduce noise and vibration. The result is a high quality, lightweight deck, offering a birch plywood surface, with water resistant and anti-skidding qualities. StageDex platforms can be installed quickly and easily, often by just two people, without the need for tools.

Versatile application

StageDex are durable, versatile and offer a myriad of staging and tailor-made design solutions for:

  • Performance & Entertainment stages
  • Risers
  • Podiums
  • Catwalks
  • Seating Banks
  • Display Stands
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Exhibitions
  • Banquets, weddings and parties
Various shapes and sizes

We can supply a stage for an indoor or outdoor event in a variety of layouts and shapes. A broad range of accessories means you can design the stage to your exact specification. Dex legs are standard 48mm aluminium tube and are available at any height; add legs with castors to your deck and convert it into a rolling riser. Modular stairs in 200mm increments, or have something bespoke made. Handrails attach to the Dex by way of a spigot in a pre-bolted hole on each corner. Edge your stage with hard or soft fascia in a wide variety of fabric or decorative finishes and finish the top in standard or luxury carpet, vinyl, or with a custom design.

We can transport your stage and provide the production crew to fit it up and/or take it down for you.

To talk to the team about an idea or an upcoming event, please contact us.